Erol C Vatansever

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Using the amber suppression approach, Nϵ -(4-azidobenzoxycarbonyl)-δ,ϵ-dehydrolysine, an allysine precursor is genetically encoded in E. coli. Its genetic incorporation followed by two sequential biocompatible reactions allows convenient synthesis of proteins with site-specific lysine dimethylation. Using this approach, dimethyl-histone H3 and p53 proteins(More)
We have presented dynamic phase transition features and stationary-state behavior of a ferrimagnetic small nanoparticle system with a core-shell structure. By means of detailed Monte Carlo simulations, a complete picture of the phase diagrams and magnetization profiles has been presented and the conditions for the occurrence of a compensation point T(comp)(More)
Nonequilibrium behavior and dynamic phase-transition properties of a kinetic Ising model under the influence of periodically oscillating random fields have been analyzed within the framework of effective-field theory based on a decoupling approximation. A dynamic equation of motion has been solved for a simple-cubic lattice (q=6) by utilizing a Glauber-type(More)
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