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A new kind of polyoxyethylene ionophore is introduced to facilitate metal ion transfer across a liquid/liquid interface. The transfer of Ba(2+) and Sr(2+), facilitated by polyethylene glycol 400 across the interfaces of water/nitrobenzene and water/1,2-dichloroethane, has been studied in detail by cyclic voltammetry, and a new method for the determination(More)
A series of diaryl and alkylaryl sulfoxide-containing nitrogen mustards were synthesized and evaluated for their hypoxia-selective cytotoxicity against V-79 cells in vitro as well as for their metabolism profiles with the rat S-9 fractions. In general, the diaryl sulfoxides (4, 5, and 7-9) showed much greater hypoxia selectivity (11-27-fold) than the(More)
A glassy carbon electrode was pretreated electrochemically and was coated with a copolymer of maleic acid anhydride attached with Eastman-AQ55D (MA/AQ). The voltammetric behavior of a series of biologically important compounds, such as dopamine, L-DOPA, DOPAC, ascorbic acid and uric acid were examined at both pretreated and coated electrodes.(More)
Propranolol, a chiral drug with two configurations, i.e., (R)-propranolol hydrochloride (RPH) and (S)-propranolol hydrochloride (SPH), has racemes that can be used in clinical diagnosis due to their synergistic effects. SPH has a β-receptor blocking effect, and RPH has an antiarrhythmic effect. In pH 4.6 Britton-Robinson (BR) buffer solution, both RPH and(More)
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