Ernst-Wilhelm Scheidt

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The transition metal carbide superconductor Sc(3)CoC(4) may represent a new benchmark system of quasi-one-dimensional (quasi-1D) superconducting behavior. We investigate the superconducting transition of a high-quality single crystalline sample by electrical transport experiments. Our data show that the superconductor goes through a complex dimensional(More)
The cyano-substituted metallocenes [M(C5H4CN)2] (M=Fe, 1; Co, 2; Ni 3) and [M(C5Me5)(C5H4CN)] (M=Fe, 4; Co, 5; Ni, 6) were synthesized in yields up to 58 % by treating K(C5H4CN) or Tl(C5H4CN) with suitable transition-metal precursors. Cyclic voltammetry indicated that the oxidation and reduction potentials of all the cyanometallocenes were shifted to(More)
The straightforward synthesis of the cationic, purely organometallic Ni(I) salt [Ni(cod)2](+)[Al(OR(F))4](-) was realized through a reaction between [Ni(cod)2] and Ag[Al(OR(F))4] (cod = 1,5-cyclooctadiene). Crystal-structure analysis and EPR, XANES, and cyclic voltammetry studies confirmed the presence of a homoleptic Ni(I) olefin complex. Weak interactions(More)
In this contribution, the solid-state low-temperature phase structure of [2,2]-paracyclophane is unambiguously characterised by single-crystal X-ray analysis. Additionally, a heat capacity measurement was undertaken, which proves the existence of a λ-type phase transition at 45 K, a transition that is connected with the formation of a secondary Cp/T feature(More)
Department of Chemistry, University of M 81377 Munich, Germany Institute for Physics, University of Augsbur Germany Materials Science, California Institute of Pasadena, CA 91125, USA Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy (IMK 20, 04275 Leipzig, Germany. E-mail: oliver. Tel: +49-341-97-36250 † Electronic supplementary informati determined by SEM-EDX in Tables(More)
PAPER Oliver Oeckler et al. TAGS-related indium compounds and their thermoelectric properties – the solid solution series (GeTe) x AgIn y Sb 1−y Te 2 (x = 1–12; y = 0.5 and 1) TAGS-related indium compounds and their thermoelectric properties – the solid solution series (GeTe) x AgIn y Sb 1Ày Te 2 (x ¼ 1–12; y ¼ 0.5 and 1) † Various members of the solid(More)
The recently published purely metallo-organic NiI salt [Ni(cod)2 ][Al(ORF )4 ] (1, cod=1,5-cyclooctadiene, RF =C(CF3 )3 ) provides a starting point for a new synthesis strategy leading to NiI phosphine complexes, replacing cod ligands by phosphines. Clearly visible colour changes indicate reactions within minutes, while quantum chemical calculations(More)
In this work we report on the syntheses and properties of several new Ni complexes featuring the chelating bisguanidines bis(tetramethylguanidino)benzene (btmgb), bis(tetramethylguanidino)naphthalene (btmgn), and bis(tetramethylguanidino)biphenyl (btmgbp) as ligands. All complexes were structurally characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction and(More)
ZnAs was synthesized at 6 GPa and 1273 K utilizing multianvil high-pressure techniques and structurally characterized by single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction (space group Pbca (No. 61), a = 5.6768(2) Å, b = 7.2796(2) Å, c = 7.5593(2) Å, Z = 8). The compound is isostructural to ZnSb (CdSb type) and displays multicenter bonded rhomboid rings Zn2As2,(More)