Ernst W. Baur

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I NVESTJGATIONS OF RED CELL GLUCOSE-6-PHOSPHATE DEHYDROGENASE ( D-glucose-6-phosphate: NADP oxidoreductase, EC; G6PD ) in different human populations have shown that more than 50 variants exist at this time.1’2 Genetic studies are compatible with X-linkage of all G6PD variants. Some variants are associated with normal enzyme activity and therefore(More)
Gene frequencies for 23 genetic biochemical markers have been determined in one sample of Sherpas and two smaller samples, one of Tibetans living in Nepal and one of 'mixed' Nepalese. Sherpas presented a high GPT1 (0.71) and an appreciable incidence of HbE (about 2%). Variant phenotypes for PGM1, PHI, PepB and C were observed.