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Analyses of organic and inorganic carbon are of great interest in the field of soil analyses. Soil samples from a national monitoring project were provided for this study, including more than 130 forest sites from Austria. We investigated the humus layers (if present undecomposed litter (L), of mixed samples of F- (intermediate decomposed organic matter)(More)
Free-space optics (FSO) can provide cost-effective, high-bandwidth, wireless connections. However, atmospheric turbulence may degrade the performance of FSO links by causing intensity and power scintillations at the receiver. Multicanonical Monte Carlo sampling is used in conjunction with the phase screen method to calculate the statistics, and particularly(More)
Simultaneous measurements of the liquid water content (LWC) and optical attenuation have been analyzed to predict optical attenuation caused by fog particles. At-tenuation has been measured at two different wavelengths, 830 nm and 1550 nm, across co-located links. Five months measured data have been processed to assess power-law empirical models, which(More)
Coronary heart disease has the highest incidence in our society. Practising physicians are often confronted with a lot of data obtained from invasive investigations (heart-catheterization and angiocardiography). The interpretation of cardiologic parameters and their measurements cause difficulties for physicians who are not permanently involved in this(More)
Exercise stress test is the most widely used instrument in the detection of myocardial ischemia. We try to develop a score for objective and subjective symptoms occurring during this investigation. 428 stress tests are registrated, the parameters are documented, investigated according to a logical schema and data processed.
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