Ernst Hellmann

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BACKGROUND Genetic testing for factor (F)V Leiden is widely performed in an effort to prevent thrombosis-related morbidity. The implications of a positive test for patients' health perception and the extent of patients' understanding of results are not known. OBJECTIVES This study examined patient experience of genetic testing for FV Leiden. PATIENTS(More)
Surface proteins of nine Campylobacter jejuni strains belonging to three different serovia were extracted with lysozyme/ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid. The preparations bound to isolated murine small intestinal cells and to a membrane fraction (MF) of isolated brush borders obtained by detergent treatment with Triton X-100 and Nonidet P40. Binding was(More)
Outer membrane fractions (OMs) of nine Campylobacter (C.) jejuni and two C. coli strains belonging to different serovars, from human and various animal origins, were extracted by treatment with sodium N-lauryl sarcosinate. Using n-octyl-β-d-glucopyranoside a 42-kDa protein and a flagella-enriched fraction were obtained. The capacity of the crude bacterial(More)
The incidence and the extent of microthrombosis in 162 cases of a randomly chosen autopsy material were studied. The findings were correlated with post-mortem fibrinolysis based on the euglobulin lysis time. The following results were obtained: 1) Post-mortem fibrinolysis could be demonstrated in 86 cadaver blood plasms (53%). 2) Microthrombi were found in(More)
Die Seren von 8 mit lebenden oder abgetöteten Brucellen (Br. abortus bovis, Stamm 19 und Stamm 2308) behandelten Kaninchen wurden in der Ultrazentrifuge analytisch untersucht. Die im Ultrazentrifugendiagramm erkennbaren Serumeiweiß-Komponenten zeigten im Verlauf der Infektion bzw. Antikörperbildung keine qualitativen Veränderungen. Es wurde eine(More)
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