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The results of this study suggest that the additional determination of serum ferritin in pregnancy is necessary for a more reliable classification of iron deficiency. In 300 pregnant women the hematological values (Hb, MCH and serum ferritin) were determined toward the end of gestation. In 36 per cent of the women both Hb values greater than 11 g/dl and MCH(More)
The causes of tooth and gum disorders during pregnancy and possible prevention measures are discussed. The evaluation of a nation-wide survey comprising 700 pregnant women reflects the women's respective scope of knowledge in respect of mouth and tooth hygiene, 357 of the 700 women included in the investigation had no dental treatment in the course of their(More)
We have found a significant improvement of pregnancy rates after pretreatment with an agonist of gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH-a). The pregnancy rate in patients treated with HMG/HCG was 17% per patient and 5.5% per cycle, in patients treated with buserelin, 25% per patient and 15% per cycle and in the triptorelin group 25% per patient and 22% per(More)
We report about a pregnancy and obstetrical management of a patient who had undergone a liver transplantation. Following a normal pregnancy, the newborn was born spontaneously in the 39th week of pregnancy. During the pregnancy the CSA blood levels were controlled frequently as well as the fetal development. An amniocentesis for chromosomal analysis,(More)
25 patients with stage III and IV ovarian carcinoma were treated with radical surgery and postoperative chemotherapy. Analysis of the disease-free intervals and the survival rates indicated significant differences related to the stage of the disease. Furthermore patients with minimal residual disease (tumor mass less than 2 cm in diameter) had a far better(More)
Recently, the symptomatology and therapy of non-puerperal mastitis (N.P.M.) was investigated in more than 100 patients by Goepel u. Pahnke (1991). Because of the lack of information on the prognosis and rates of recurrence, the situation of our patients was reexamined by questionnaires or telephone calls. We wanted to know, if the recommended long term(More)
A kinetic test (Phadebas) was employed to determine the isoamylase activity in 77 amniotic fluid samples taken from a total of 60 high-risk pregnancies at different gestational ages. It was ascertained that in high-risk pregnancies the s-type isoamylase level frequently deviates from the common scatter range of the respective week of gestation. The measured(More)
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The characteristics of a so-called real conjugate zero pair in the biquadratic transfer function are investigated and a new active RC network is provided to implement it. Different magnitude responses are obtained where the zero pair is varied while maintaining an invariant phase response. By this feature, the network can be seen as the counterpart to a(More)
The influence of oxytocin (OXY), sulproston (SUL) and acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) on L-alanine- (ALA), D-glucose- (GLU) or water- (H(2)O) uptake (maternal side) in the isolated perfused guinea pig placenta was investigated. Uptake was measured with a single injection, paired tracer dilution method. 'T50' values were derived from venous concentration curves(More)
The present paper reports on the amniotic fluid prolactin concentrations in 61 pregnancies with undisturbed amniotic fluid volume from the 17th to the 41st week of pregnancy. The amniotic fluid prolactin concentrations reach a peak in the 19th week of pregnancy with a slight decrease to the 21st week. After a plateau from the 23rd to the 31st week of(More)