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Overview on urban nature conservation: situation in the western-grassland biome of South Africa
Urban nature conservation issues in South Africa are overshadowed by the goal to improve human well-being, which focuses on aspects such as poverty, equity, redistribution of wealth and wealthExpand
Sustainable urban landscapes: South African perspectives on transdisciplinary possibilities
Abstract The development of sustainable urban landscapes challenges all stakeholders, including local governments as the major custodians thereof. The majority of urban ecological research doneExpand
Exploring theoretical trends in placemaking: towards new perspectives in spatial planning
Purpose While placemaking is a multi-disciplinary concern, it is a key focus within the discipline of spatial planning. This paper aims to explore the development of theoretical trends withExpand
An Exploration of Sense of Place as Informative for Spatial Planning Guidelines: A Case Study of the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site, South Africa
This paper explores the sense of place in the Vredefort Dome World Heritage site, South Africa, as an essential input for the formulation of spatial planning proposals for the area. IntangibleExpand
The influence of location on the competitiveness of South African industries
The effects of location on the international competitiveness of South African industries are investigated in this paper. The relationship between location and its competitiveness platform isExpand
A Policy Approach towards Achieving Regional Economic Resilience in Developing Countries: Evidence from the SADC
External economic shocks such as the global financial crisis (GFC) affect regional economic growth in developing regions through impacting export demand and capital inflows. Resilience to theseExpand
More explicit regional policy for South Africa, please Mr President
South Africa has a long and well-documented history with regard to the design and implementation of national development and regional policy. With the first official policy initiatives in the 1960s,Expand