Ernst Dieter Schmitter

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Monitoring lightning electromagnetic pulses (sferics) and other terrestrial as well as extraterrestrial transient radiation signals is of considerable interest for practical and theoretical purposes in astroand geophysics as well as meteorology. Managing a continuous flow of data, automation of the analysis and classification process is important. Features(More)
Monitoring electromagnetic waves in the Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) range between 1 mHz and 1 Hz is essential for an understanding of the processes in the earths magnetosphere. Also earthquake prone areas are under suspect to emit precursor ULF signals. We discuss a receiving system using a solenoid sensor and Negative Impedance Converter (NIC) as front end.(More)
Remote sensing of the ionosphere bottom using long wave radio signal propagation is a still going stro g and inexpensive method for continuous monitoring purposes. We present a propagation model describing the time development of solar flare effects. Based on monitored amplitude and phase data from VLF/LF transmitters gained at a mid-latitude site during(More)
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