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In 5 horses, 13CO2/12CO2 ratios in expired air were determined using isotope mass spectroscopy to investigate metabolism of naturally occurring [13C]glucose. Oral glucose tolerance tests (OGTT) were performed using maize or beet glucose. Maize has a higher 13C concentration than that of most plants. The 13CO2/12CO2 ratios after OGTT was performed using(More)
Naturally produced methane shows different delta 13C-values with respect to its origin, e.g., geological or biological. Methane-production of ruminants is considered to be the dominant source from the animal kingdom. Isotopic values of rumen methane--given in literature--range between -80/1000 and -50/1000 and are related to feed composition and also(More)
1. Uniformly labelled stable 13C-glucose was used to study glucose entry in high yielding Holstein cows (n = 8) under normal production conditions. 2. The single injection technique was repeated at three different reproductive phases. A two compartment model was applied to calculate mean entry rates of glucose resulting in: (1) Terminal phase of pregnancy(More)
1. Concentration profiles of volatile fatty acids (VFA), fluid volumes and turnover rates, and acetate production rates were measured in two different seasons in the forestomachs of four fistulated dromedary camels grazing in the Kenyan thornbush savannah. 2. VFA profiles and average concentrations were similar under both feeding conditions but, due to a(More)
Cellular differentiations in regenerating tendon tissue of rats and guinea pigs were examined by the aid of the electron microscope. Fibroblasts with certain variations were found as basic cell types. Corresponding to the organelle composition classical fibroblasts, fibroblasts with histiocyte-like features and fibroblasts with myoide differentiations(More)
Die genetischen Hintergründe des PCOS sind noch weitgehend ungeklärt. Familienanalysen lassen überwiegend einen autosomal-dominanten Hintergrund vermuten. Vor allem Gene der adrenalen und ovariellen Steroidbiosynthese sowie des Insulinstoffwechsels sind bezüglich ihres Zusammenhanges mit der Pathogenese des PCOS untersucht worden. Polymorphismen des(More)
Uptake of 3H-taurine into bovine retina was studied. Kinetic parameters of uptake were Km = 6.3 x 10(-5) mol/l with Vmax = 43 nmol/g wet tissue x min and Km = 5 x 10(-3) mol/l with Vmax = 702 nmol/g wet tissue x min. Unlabeled homotaurine, a close structural analogue of taurine, showed only a single sodium dependent low affinity uptake with mH = 1.5 x(More)
schildert sodann die Gallbildung and das Problem der Gallen . Weiters werden kurz auch die Feinde and Parasiten der Gallmiicken besprochen . Ilauptsachlich befal3t sich das Biichlein mit der Darstellung der wichtigen schadlichen Gallmucken an Getreide and an Grasern, weiters an kreuzbliitigen Kulturpflanzen and an Leguminosen, sowie an Zierpflanzen. Kurz(More)