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The notion of a free product of pro-finite groups has some important applications in the theory of algebraic number fields (see [3]). In this connection, it is interesting to get some knowledge about the subgroups of such a free product. The aim of this paper is to show a theorem for the open subgroups of a free pro-finite product, which is an analog of(More)
The purpose of the present paper is to establish a unitary parallel multichannel filter bank approach to clinical magnetic resonance tomography and magnetic resonance microscopy. The approach which is based on the Stern–Gerlach filter explains the high resolution capabilities of these non-invasive cross-sectional imaging modalities which revolutionized the(More)
The necessary appearance of Clifford algebras in the quantum description of fermions has prompted us to reexamine the fundamental role played by the quaternion Clifford algebra, C 0,2. This algebra is essentially the geometric algebra describing the rotational properties of space. Hidden within this algebra are symplectic structures with Heisenberg algebras(More)
The versality of the compact disc (CD) has quickly become apparent to manufacturers and users alike. Exceeding the expectations of even its most ardent supporters, the CD holographic disc storage system has become one of the most successful consumer electronics products ever introduced. The phenomenal success of the audio CD on the eager worldwide(More)
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