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Of 46 patients who had Nissen fundoplication for proved gastro-oesophageal reflux, 25 were available for follow up after a median of 20 years, 15 had died of unrelated causes, and six could not be traced. All 25 patients in the follow up study were personally interviewed: 21 consented to an endoscopy, 14 to 24 hour recording of oesophageal pH and manometry,(More)
This meta-analysis integrates 296 effect sizes reported in eye-tracking research on expertise differences in the comprehension of visualizations. Three theories were evaluated: Ericsson and Kintsch's (Psychol Rev 102:211–245, 1995) theory of long-term working memory, Haider and Frensch's (J Exp Psychol Learn Mem Cognit 25:172–190, 1999)(More)
The frequency of fractures of the cervical spine has increased with the rise in traffic accidents, but the radiological diagnosis of fractures at the initial examination remains unsatisfactory. A false negative diagnosis in the accident department was made in 25 out of 86 patients (29%) by a surgeon and in 12 patients (14%) by a radiologist. Poor(More)
In this paper our aim is to present a methodology which can be used in analyzing the interaction processes in a groupware environment. We demonstrate how the social network analysis approach can be used as a method to evaluate the social level structures and processes of a group studying in a CSCL environment. This approach tries to highlight in particular(More)
OBJECTIVES There has been long-standing controversy regarding aptitude testing and selection for medical education. Visual perception is considered particularly important for detecting signs of disease as part of diagnostic procedures in, for example, microscopic pathology, radiology and dermatology and as a component of perceptual motor skills in medical(More)