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A high percentage of older drivers' accidents occur in intersections when entering the traffic or crossing a main road. The problems may be in perception or attention, motor performance or inadequate interaction with other road users. Attempts to explain older drivers' problems have mostly focused on the properties and behaviour of the older drivers only,(More)
Sheet-piling process poses the problem of prescribing the pile a fixed trajectory in order to drive it correctly into the ground. When representing the complete system of the supporting boom with hydraulic actuators, the gripper and the vibratory unit, the large number of system variables implies the use of assisted control to allow a human operator to(More)
Hydraulic elevating platforms are commonly used machinery in assembling outside covers to buildings, washing windows etc. Evacuation of people from high places as well as fire-fighting are also well known service areas of elevating platforms. A team of researchers, designers, and end-users has introduced a concept of a man-in-the-loop simulator to be used(More)
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