Ernie R. Lewis

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[1] Knowledge of the size‐ and composition‐dependent production flux of primary sea spray aerosol (SSA) particles and its dependence on environmental variables is required for modeling cloud microphysical properties and aerosol radiative influences, interpreting measurements of particulate matter in coastal areas and its relation to air quality, and(More)
[1] Understanding sources of uncertainty in aerosol direct radiative forcing (DRF), the difference in a given radiative flux component with and without aerosol, is essential to quantifying changes in Earth’s radiation budget. We examine the uncertainty in DRF owing to measurement uncertainty in the quantities on which it depends: aerosol optical depth,(More)
Zhang et al. (2005) present a parameterization for what they term the "growth factor" of a sea salt aerosol particle relative to its formation diameter, which they assert "is a function of relative humidity alone" and independent of an arbitrary reference relative humidity. Here we note that this growth factor implicitly assumes an arbitrary reference(More)
Buseck et al (2012) raise important issues of terminology in dealing with light-absorbing carbonaceous aerosols. Although some might argue that the points raised by Buseck et al. are "only" terminology or nomenclature, not science, we would respond that terminology is essential to doing and communicating and advancing science. A rose by any other name would(More)
[1] The large uncertainty associated with black carbon (BC) direct forcing is due, in part, to the dependence of light absorption of BC-containing particles on the position of the BC within the particle. It is predicted that this absorption will be greatest for an idealized core-shell configuration in which the BC is a sphere at the center of the particle(More)
Ice nucleating particles (INPs) are vital for ice initiation in, and precipitation from, mixed-phase clouds. A source of INPs from oceans within sea spray aerosol (SSA) emissions has been suggested in previous studies but remained unconfirmed. Here, we show that INPs are emitted using real wave breaking in a laboratory flume to produce SSA. The number(More)
Eine umfassende Darstellung der Nervenzellmembran wird durch eine Kombination von Hodgkin-Huxley-Beschreibung der elektrisch erregbaren Leitwerte und Eccles-Beschreibung der synaptisch induzierten Leitwerte wiedergegeben. Diese Darstellung wird in einem elektronischen Modell veranschaulicht. Nichtlineare aktive Schaltungen werden benützt, um Leistungen zu(More)
Vocalizations of Boophis madagascariensis (Rhacophoridae) males were recorded in a mid-elevation rain forest in eastern Madagascar. Call notes made by males of this species were classi®ed into 28 types. This represents the largest known call repertoire of any amphibian. The calls range widely in spectral characteristics from a narrowband, nearly pure-tone(More)
We examine size-dependent deliquescence/efflorescence phase transformation for particles down to several nanometers in size. Thermodynamic properties of inorganic salt particles, coated with aqueous solution layers of varying thickness and surrounded by vapor, are analyzed. A thin layer criterion (TLC) is introduced to define a limiting deliquescence(More)
Z. Wang,1,2 S. M. King,2 E. Freney,3 T. Rosenoern,2 M. L. Smith,2 Q. Chen,2 M. Kuwata,2 E. R. Lewis,4 U. Pöschl,5 W. Wang,1 P. R. Buseck,3 and S. T. Martin2 1Environment Research Institute, Shandong University, Ji’nan, Shandong, China 2School of Engineering and Applied Sciences & Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge,(More)