Ernesto Zumelzu

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We report measurements of the Hall effect performed on 4 gold films evaporated onto mica substrates where the signal arises primarily from electron-surface scattering. The measurements were performed at low temperatures T (4 K < or = T < or = 50 K) under high magnetic field strengths B (1.5 T < or = B < or = 9 T), with B oriented perpendicular to the films.
The new types of knowledge-intensive, multilayer containers consist of steel plates protected against corrosion by nanometric electrolytic chromium (Cr 0) and chromium oxide (Cr 2 O 3) layers chemically bonded to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polymer coating to preserve food. It was observed that after emptying the cans, the salmon adhered to the polymer(More)
A new high (24%)-chromium alloy was experimentally manufactured by combining the particular chemical composition of various materials with the use of thermal treatments to produce pump impellers for the sugar industry. The alloy metal was tested in situ in a sugar medium and then evaluated by electrochemical measurements; the two former procedures were(More)
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