Ernesto Soressi

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A new control strategy has been developed for interfacing a neutral-point-clamped active rectifier with the mains. In particular, a method, based on the modulation of the input currents amplitudes, is proposed to compensate the dc-link capacitors voltages fluctuations. The proposed strategy gives good results in all the operating conditions, but it appears(More)
DC motors have been used in the past as the workhorse of industrial systems until the introduction of the AC induction motors, about twenty years ago. Since then, the DC motors in the industrial plants have been replaced with more robust, less complex AC ones and the speed control was achieved by digital system controlled PWM inverters. But there was a time(More)
Safety in industrial plants is one of the main topics of the decade and this is reflected in the related rules proliferation. The well known safety rule EN954-1 [2] is going to be retired in December 2011. Two different rules have been introduced, the ISO EN 13849 [3] and IEC EN 62061 [5]. The two rules are not so easy to read and to apply because they(More)
Iron making is one of the most impressive processes in the metal industry. The process involves the management of hundreds of tons of solid and liquid metal and of huge amounts of heat and weight in a not stoppable continuous transformation. The authors were involved in the revamping of the complete automation system of a huge blast furnace. The restoration(More)
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