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—This paper proposes a method of modeling and simulation of photovoltaic arrays. The main objective is to find the parameters of the nonlinear I–V equation by adjusting the curve at three points: open circuit, maximum power, and short circuit. Given these three points, which are provided by all commercial array datasheets, the method finds the best I–V(More)
controller is proposed. This controller determines dynamically the load angle between stator and rotor flux vectors and in consequence the electromagnetic torque necessary to supply the motor load. The rule base for STPIF controller is defined in function of the error " e " and the change of the error " ∆e " of the torque using a most natural and unbiased(More)
A synchronous machine dynamic mathematical model including the saturation effect is presented. The saturation modeling deals with the linkage flux mathematical model and uses the machine d-axis and q-axis magnetizing curves. Results are shown in the form of V curves and comparisons with calculations using non-saturated and saturated reactances are done(More)
Switched reluctance generator (SRG) has been covered in several researches in the last two decades. These kind of machine is very promising for wind power application due to their low cost, high efficiency and high power density per volume. On the other hand, lots of researches are dedicated to the study and project of traditional SRG (radial flux). This(More)
The wind energy generation is the huge driver behind the push for supergrids and cross-border infrastructure for renewable energy systems into smart grids. To provide balance supply, demand, and storage of energy over a region in a much more efficient manner than it is done today, smart grids will need to use an advanced communication infrastructure into a(More)
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