Ernesto Rodriguez

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The main limitations of standard nadir-looking radar altimeters have been known for long. They include the lack of coverage (intertrack distance of typically 150 km for the T/P / Jason tandem), and the spatial resolution (typically 2 km for T/P and Jason), expected to be a limiting factor for the determination of mesoscale phenomena in deep ocean. In this(More)
This paper introduces Pluggable Interactive GUI-lets (or Piglets, for short) as a means for constructing reusable, reactive graphical user interfaces that can be instantiated over different view models and presentation layers. Piglets therefore provide an attractive alternative for pragmatic user interface specification that can target multiple content(More)
The primary objective of the National Research Council (NRC) Decadal Survey recommended SWOT (Surface Water and Ocean Topography) Mission is to measure the water elevation of the global oceans, as well as terrestrial water bodies (such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and wetlands), to answer key scientific questions on the kinetic energy of ocean circulation,(More)