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2Carolina Chiale
2Verónica Noya
2Natalie Brossard
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NEURONIC-A 6.0 is a system for objective detection of hearing loss by means of the recording and analysis of auditory steady state responses. The system generates digitally Amplitude Modulated tones of different frequencies, allowing the mix of these and the simultaneous presentation through different transducers (earphone and bone vibrator) at different(More)
Fasciolosis, caused by the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica, is a major parasitic disease of livestock that causes significant economic losses worldwide. Although drugs are effective against liver flukes, they do not prevent reinfection, and continuous treatment is costly. Moreover, resistant fluke strains are emerging. In this context, vaccination is a good(More)
Helminths express various carbohydrate-containing glycoconjugates on their surface, and they release glycan-rich excretion/secretion products that can be very important in their life cycles, infection and pathology. Recent evidence suggests that parasite glycoconjugates could play a role in the evasion of the immune response, leading to a modified(More)
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