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The ADC shown in this paper uses an innovative sigma-delta (SigmaDelta) architecture that replaces the flash quantizer and mismatch corrected DAC of a multibit continuous time (CT) modulator by a time domain encoder similar to a PWM modulator to reduce the effective ADC area. The modulator achieves the resolution of a multibit design using single bit(More)
This paper shows the operating principle and experimental results of a new continuous-time sigma-delta modulator architecture. The proposed modulator does not require a multibit quantizer nor a mismatch-shaping digital-to-analog converter to produce a multibit noise-shaped output. Instead, its quantizer encodes the loop filter output in a binary signal(More)
This paper presents the system level design of a novel multi-bit Sigma-Delta (ΣΔ) ADC architecture that replaces the flash quantizer and mismatch corrected multi-bit DAC of a ΣΔ modulator by an integrating quantizer and a Pulse-Width Modulated DAC. This converter achieves the resolution of a multi-bit design using single-bit(More)
High-resolution Sigma-Delta (∑Δ) ADCs are increasingly used in portable medical applications for the measurement of biopotential signals. This paper presents the implementation and measurements of a novel ultra-low power low voltage multi-bit continuous-time sigma-delta (CT-∑Δ) modulator, whose quantizer and feedback DACs operate(More)
Infrared imaging technology, used both to study deep-space bodies' radiation and environmental changes on Earth, experienced constant improvements in the last few years, pushing data converter designers to face new challenges in terms of speed, power consumption and robustness against extremely harsh operating conditions. This paper presents a 96.6-dB-SNDR(More)
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