Ernesto Liñán-García

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In this paper a Simulated Annealing algorithm (SA) for solving the Protein Folding Problem (PFP) is presented. This algorithm has two phases: quenching and annealing. The first phase is applied at very high temperatures and the annealing phase is applied at high and low temperatures. The temperature during the quenching phase is decreased by an exponential(More)
The Chaotic Multiquenching Annealing algorithm (CMQA) is proposed. CMQA is a new algorithm, which is applied to protein folding problem (PFP). This algorithm is divided into three phases: (i) multiquenching phase (MQP), (ii) annealing phase (AP), and (iii) dynamical equilibrium phase (DEP). MQP enforces several stages of quick quenching processes that(More)
A new hybrid Multiphase Simulated Annealing Algorithm using Boltzmann and Bose-Einstein distributions (MPSABBE) is proposed. MPSABBE was designed for solving the Protein Folding Problem (PFP) instances. This new approach has four phases: (i) Multiquenching Phase (MQP), (ii) Boltzmann Annealing Phase (BAP), (iii) Bose-Einstein Annealing Phase (BEAP), and(More)
A new hybrid algorithm for solving the capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP) with stochastic demands is proposed. This new approach combines the simulated annealing (SA) with the savings algorithms and is implemented to obtain results of several Solomon's instances of CVRP. This approach is named simulated annealing with metropolis cycle based on(More)
In this paper, an improved Simulated Annealing algorithm for Protein Folding Problem (PFP) is presented. This algorithm called Cluster Perturbation Simulated Annealing (CPSA) is based on a brand new scheme to generate new solutions using a cluster perturbation. The algorithm is divided into two phases: Cluster Perturbation Phase and the Reheat Phase. The(More)
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