Ernesto Liñán-García

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In this paper a Simulated Annealing algorithm (SA) for solving the Protein Folding Problem (PFP) is presented. This algorithm has two phases: quenching and annealing. The first phase is applied at very high temperatures and the annealing phase is applied at high and low temperatures. The temperature during the quenching phase is decreased by an exponential(More)
A new hybrid Multiphase Simulated Annealing Algorithm using Boltzmann and Bose-Einstein distributions (MPSABBE) is proposed. MPSABBE was designed for solving the Protein Folding Problem (PFP) instances. This new approach has four phases: (i) Multiquenching Phase (MQP), (ii) Boltzmann Annealing Phase (BAP), (iii) Bose-Einstein Annealing Phase (BEAP), and(More)
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