Ernesto Haggi

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Regressive changes occurring in the pituitary gland of the rat after removal of litters were studied. Pituitary glands of lactating rats were characterized by the presence of numerous hypertrophied lactotrophs. Interruption of lactation caused a blockade of prolactin synthesis and secretion, followed by degeneration of lactotrophs. Morphometric analysis of(More)
The dye-sensitized photodegradation of uracil (UR), the parent compound of several profusely employed herbicides, has been studied as a model of their environmental fate. In order to mimic conditions frequently found in nature, aqueous solutions of UR have been irradiated with visible light in the presence of the natural sensitizer riboflavin (Rf). The(More)
The prolactin content of rat pituitary varies considerably when determined by RIA, due to incomplete solubilization of prolactin secretory granules with standard procedures for tissue homogenization and centrifugation. Freezing and thawing, Triton X-100 and ultrasonic treatments increased the yield of prolactin significantly but electron microscopy of(More)
Considering the significance of visible light-promoted reactions in complex biological media, the photo-oxidation of the amino acids (AAs) tyrosine (tyr) and tryptophan (trp) was studied in the presence of the naturally occurring oxidative scavenger uracil (ur). The involved photoprocesses, studied at pH 7 and 9, are driven through the reactive oxygen(More)
The distribution of Na+, K+ and water was studied in spinal cord, sciatic nerve and sartorius muscle of the toad, Bufo arenarum (Hensel). Electrolyte assays and sodium washout curves were made. In sartorius muscle, extracellular water was estimated to account for 18.9% of total tissue weight and the intracellular concentrations of Na+ and K+ were 18.4 and(More)
It is well known that endogenous daylight-absorbing compounds produce the sensitized photodegradation of biologically relevant substrates. In this context the photostability of a mixture of the indole neurotransmitter serotonin (Sero) and vitamin B2 (riboflavin, Rf) upon visible-light irradiation and the possible role of Sero and related compounds as(More)
The aerobic visible-light-photosensitised irradiation of methanolic solutions of either of the phenolic-type contaminants model compounds (ArOH) p-phenylphenol (PP), p-nitrophenol (NP) and phenol (Ph), and for two additional phenolic derivatives, namely p-chlorophenol (ClP) and p-methoxyphenol (MeOP), used in some experiments, was carried out. Employing the(More)
Two pools of prolactin (Prl) were isolated from the pituitary gland. One readily soluble after homogenization and the other sedimented with secretory granules. In ovariectomized-oestrogen treated rats the latter represents the major Prl fraction of pituitary and can be recovered as immunoreactive Prl after extraction in 2.5 M urea. By correlation of(More)
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