Ernesto Coto

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Curved Planar Reformation (CPR) has proved to be a practical and widely used tool for the visualization of curved tubular structures within the human body. It has been useful in medical procedures involving the examination of blood vessels and the spine. However, it is more difficult to use it for large, tubular, structures such as the trachea and the colon(More)
Nowadays, fracture management is an essential part of everyday clinical decisionmaking prior to any fracture-related surgery. The way to carry out such preoperative planning involves tracing the bones over paper using the X-Rays, and then placing the resulting drawings together as if reconstructing the fractured bones. This action, although proven(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To address the increasing need for collaborative endeavours within the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) community, the VPH-Share collaborative cloud platform allows researchers to expose and share sequences of complex biomedical processing tasks in the form of computational workflows. The Taverna Workflow System is a very popular(More)
In this paper a method for generating Oriented Bounding Boxes (OBB) using genetic algorithms (GA) is proposed. OBBs are used in a hierarchy of bounding volumes to detect collisions between objects. Currently, the most used method for generating OBBs is based on the covariance matrix (CV) of the points of the model, but it has many flaws and in most cases(More)
Warping techniques can be complicated and difficult to use, but through the use of fluid dynamics the warping becomes simple and it is intuitively controlled by physical properties such as viscosity and forces. These properties are naturally associated with the image itself or with spatial control handles. The key idea is to think of the image domain as a(More)
Currently X-ray mammography is the most widely used method for early detection of breast cancer. However, the use of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) has gained wider attention, since it considerably improves tumor detection and classification by analyzing the flow of contrast agent within the breast tissue. In this paper we present MammoExplorer, a(More)
Preoperative planning is an essential step before performing any surgical procedure. Computer Aided Orthopedic Surgery (CAOS) systems are extensively used for the planning of surgeries for fractures of lower extremities. These systems are input an X-Ray image and the planning can be digitally overlaid onto the image. The planning includes reassembling the(More)
Collision response schemes and deformable models have been recently an important subject of research, since many medical and entertainment applications require the simulation of real environments with deformable objects. Early research in this area comes from the field of Engineering, which propose very exact models but at a very high computational cost.(More)