Ernesto Chiarantoni

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Environmental data sets are characterized by a huge amount of heterogeneous data from external fields. As the number of measured points grows, a strategy is needed to select and efficiently analyze the useful information from the whole data set. One efficient way of obtaining the validation-compression of data sets is the adoption of a restricted set of(More)
The ultrasonic inspection technique takes a relevant place in not destructive defect detection. It can be very useful to determine the state of not accessible structure. In this paper a method based on ultrasonic waves inspection to evaluate the dimensions of flaws in not accessible pipes is shown. The method performs the extraction of time and frequency(More)
MPEG-4 object oriented video codec implementations are rapidly emerging as a solution to compress audio-video information in an efficient way, suitable for narrowband applications. A different view is proposed in this paper: several images in a video sequence result very close to each other. Each image of the sequence can be seen as a vector in a hyperspace(More)