Ernesto Castro

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BACKGROUND Surgical resection is the only possibility of long term survival in patients with Klatskin tumours. However, surgical resection is a challenging problem and hepatic resection is often necessary. OBJECTIVE The aim of our study was to assess the need for biliary drainage, resection rate and outcome of hilar cholangiocarcinoma in a single tertiary(More)
INTRODUCTION Among several regions in the world hepatic hydatidosis can be considered endemic. Currently there are many available treatments for this disease, been surgery the most effective one. Surgical procedures can be divided in two main groups, radical and non-radical procedures. The goal of this work is to evaluate the morbidity, mortality and(More)
OBJECTIVE Analyze the characteristics, surgical technique, morbidity and survival of patients treated with extreme liver surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS We present a series of consecutive patients with malignant liver tumors in hepatocaval confluence treated in a single center with extreme liver surgery (April 2008-March 2015). Data were collected(More)
INTRODUCTION Compared to other surgical areas, laparoscopic liver resection (LLR) has not been widely implemented and currently less than 20% of hepatectomies are performed laparoscopically worldwide. The aim of our study was to evaluate the feasibility, and the ratio of implementation of LLR in our department. METHODS We analyzed a prospectively(More)
Sphingosine (SPH) is a naturally occurring signaling molecule thought to be responsible for the negative inotropic and cardiotoxic effects of the pro-inflammatory cytokine, TNFα. When subjected to hypoxia and acidosis, Langendorff perfused adult rabbit hearts generate SPH, and isolated adult rat cardiomyocytes released TNFα and SPH into the cell-conditioned(More)
AIM The aim of this study is to present our experience with two cases of hepatic angiomyolioma in hepatitis C virus (HCV) positive patients, and to up-date the clinical manage, diagnostic and treatment of this entity. CLINICAL OBSERVATIONS Both cases were presented in women in their 4-5th decade of life. Clinical presentation was with symptoms in one but(More)
Laparoscopic resection is an emerging tool in surgical oncology, but its role in liver tumors is far from being universally accepted. We designed a case-matched control study, comparing laparoscopic (LAP) vs. open hepatectomies (OP) performed in the same center during the same period of time. Fifty LAP were performed (34 liver metastases, 7 hepatocellular(More)
INTRODUCTION Significant celiac trunk or artery stenosis (CAS) is normally asymptomatic. However, when the arteries of the pancreatoduodenal arcade are occluded, it could trigger a visceral ischaemia. The objective of this study is to determine whether preoperative CAS is a risk factor for developing complications in patients subjected to(More)
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