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Electrodes modified layer-by-layer by self-assembly of redox active polyelectrolytes comprised of osmium bipyridine-pyridine derivatized poly(allyl-amine) and poly(vinyl) sulfonate have been studied by EQCM, ellipsometry, cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in aqueous solutions of different anions and cations. Redox driven swelling(More)
In situ electrochemical surface enhanced Raman spectra (SERS) for an immobilized monolayer of a flavin analogue (isoalloxazine) at nanostructured silver surfaces are reported. Unique in the present study, the flavin is not directly adsorbed at the Ag surface but is attached through a chemical reaction between cysteamine adsorbed on the Ag surface and(More)
The homogeneous reaction between glucose oxidase and osmium bipyridine-pyridine carboxylic acid in the presence of glucose has been studied in detail by cyclic voltammetry and digital simulation. Combination of the analytical equations that describe the dependence of the amperometric response on enzyme, substrate and co-substrate concentrations for the(More)
Infrastructure and utilities underpin economic growth and human development. Many developing countries privatized in these sectors during the 1990s, but their weak institutional environments make them prone to crises that generate incentives for governments to renege on their original contractual commitments to investors. The existent literature shows that(More)
Politicians can bene…t by ensuring that public sector positions requiring political services are occupied by partisans. We study a model in which this political screening is achieved by varying the amount of required political services and associated compensation in otherwise similar positions. Past vote shares provide information on the population share of(More)