Ernestina Etchemendy

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INTRODUCTION The Dutch Eating Behaviour Questionnaire for children was developed by Van Strien and Oosterveld (2008) to measure three different eating behaviors (emotional eating, restrained eating and external eating); it is an adaptation of the DEBQ for adults. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to analyze the psychometric properties of the Dutch(More)
Do people with a high score on a scale for eating in response to negative emotions also show high food intake in response to positive emotions? We studied these effects in 60 female students that were preselected on the basis of extreme high or low scores on an emotional eating questionnaire. Using a between subject design we experimentally tested the(More)
The Butler Project is a technological e-health platform that uses the Internet to connect various users; it was designed to deliver health care to the elderly. The Butler platform has three levels of implementation: diagnosis (mood monitoring, alert system, management reports), therapy (training in inducing positive moods, memory work), and entertainment(More)
Butler is a multi-application system based on Internet technology and virtual reality, designed to meet the needs of elderly users. Its objectives are to assist elderly populations in accessing technology and new forms of communication, replicating, as far as possible the way of lineal interaction that this population group had traditionally to interact(More)
The General Self Efficacy Scale (GSES-12) is a short version of the Sherer's Self-Efficacy Scale, and evaluates a general dimension and three aspects of self-efficacy: initiative, persistence and effort. The aim of this study is to explore the factorial structure, reliability, and criterion validity of the Spanish adaptation of the GSES-12 in general and(More)
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have become increasingly present in our lives, and their use has spread considerably. This paper presents a review of the way ICTs can help practitioners and researchers to study, promote, and train positive emotions. It is framed within the field of Positive Technologies: the applied scientific approach to(More)
EARTH of Wellbeing is a technological application to induce and train positive emotions and enhance different psychological strengths. The system contains 3 modules of activities: Park of Wellbeing, Wellbeing in the Nature and Book of Life. The objective of this paper is to describe the system and to offer data about its efficacy to induce positive affect(More)