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The Butler Project is a technological e-health platform that uses the Internet to connect various users; it was designed to deliver health care to the elderly. The Butler platform has three levels of implementation: diagnosis (mood monitoring, alert system, management reports), therapy (training in inducing positive moods, memory work), and entertainment(More)
Butler is a multi-application system based on Internet technology and virtual reality, designed to meet the needs of elderly users. Its objectives are to assist elderly populations in accessing technology and new forms of communication, replicating, as far as possible the way of lineal interaction that this population group had traditionally to interact(More)
The purpose of the present study was to analyse the psychometric properties of the 'Questionnaire of Sociocultural Influences on the Aesthetic Body Shape Model' (CIMEC-26) in a Spanish adolescent population. This questionnaire measures the influence of agents and situations that transmit the current aesthetic model, and assesses environmental influences(More)
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