Ernest Wozniak

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Modern development methodologies from the industry and the academia for complex real-time systems define a stage in which application functions are deployed onto an execution platform. The deployment consists of the placement of functions on a distributed network of nodes, the partitioning of functions in tasks and the scheduling of tasks and messages. None(More)
The adoption of AUTOSAR and Model Driven Engineering (MDE) for the design of automotive software architectures allows an early analysis of system properties and the automatic synthesis of architecture and software implementation. To select and configure the architecture with respect to timing constraints, knowledge about the worst case execution times(More)
Synthesis of automotive architectures is a complex problem that needs an automated support. AUTOSAR, standard for the specification of automotive architectures, defines a synthesis process of software components and their connections in a set of fixed-priority OS tasks distributed over a network of ECUs. During the synthesis process software components are(More)
Overall, the process of automotive system design is very complex, involving many intermediary steps, e.g. definition of the software architecture, distribution of functions among hardware resources, or task scheduling. Correct transition between these procedures and their exact ordering have a direct impact on different aspects of the final system(More)
The paper extends the AUTOSAR meta-model to enable feasibility predictions on the provision of fault tolerant support for application components. We focus on a fault-tolerant support based on software replication techniques. The meta-model is extended in order to evaluate different replication strategies, in terms of replication styles, types of faults to(More)
Time budgets represent early estimates of execution times of system functions. They are assigned based on engineers experience and serve as an input for the early stage performance or schedulability analysis. This schedulability analysis test might become irrelevant if the computed worst-case execution times of a system functions exceed corresponding time(More)
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