Ernest V. Curto

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We report the results on the expression in Escherichia coli of a functional neurotoxin LqqV from the scorpion Leiurus quinquestriatus quinquestriatus. The gene for LqqV was synthesized using recursive PCR and expressed as a poly-histidine-tagged fusion protein in thioredoxin mutant E. coli strain [AD494(DE3)pLysS], thus permitting disulfide-bond formation.(More)
We report a theoretical characterization of the intermolecular transferred NOESY (inter-TrNOESY) between ligands and receptor macromolecules that bind reversibly, using a COmplete Relaxation and Conformational Exchange MAtrix (CORCEMA) theory developed in our laboratory. We examine the dependence of inter-TrNOESY on the dissociation constant, off-rate,(More)
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