Ernest M. Walker

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Mercury exists naturally and as a man-made contaminant. The release of processed mercury can lead to a progressive increase in the amount of atmospheric mercury, which enters the atmospheric-soil-water distribution cycles where it can remain in circulation for years. Mercury poisoning is the result of exposure to mercury or mercury compounds resulting in(More)
There are few effective agents that safely remove excess iron from iron-overloaded individuals. Our goal was to evaluate the iron-removing effectiveness of acetaminophen given ip or orally in the gerbil iron-overload model. Male gerbils were divided into 5 groups: saline controls, iron-overloaded controls, iron-overloaded treated with ip acetaminophen,(More)
Wafer level self-alignment is investigated with a Self assembled monolayer (SAM) deposition, SAM termination modification, friction, dry, and capillary alignment forces. SAMs are deposited on oxide layer, and characterized by ellipsometry and contact angle. Vinyl-terminated SAMs are oxidized to carboxyl-termination, which changes the wetting(More)
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