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We have identified five patients with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) who developed multiple monoclonal serum immunoglobulin components (multiclonal gammopathy) following bone marrow transplantation. Four patients received haploidentical bone marrow stem cells depleted of T cells and other mature marrow cells by soy lectin agglutination and/or sheep(More)
This paper presents a novel time-based visual motion cue called the Hybrid Visual Threat Cue (HVTC) that provides some measure for a change in relative range as well as absolute clearances, between a 3D surface and a moving observer. It is shown that the HVTC is a linear combination of Time-To-Contact (TTC), visual looming and the Visual Threat Cue (VTC).(More)
This project is proposed to optimize Frequency Selective Surface parameters for the desired transmission response or a reflection response effectively. Square Loop FSS is chosen as a sample FSS to examine. For simulation and optimization purposes High frequency simulation software (HFSS) and its Genetic Algorithm module are used. The fitness function of GA(More)
To study the lack of fever during the human newborn period, cord blood leukocytes obtained at birth were stimulated to produce leukocytic pyrogen (LP) in vitro. Phagocytic leukocytes from infants who were born by Caesarean section and whose mothers had not experienced natural onset of labor produced no LP or significantly less LP than leukocytes from adults(More)
Terrain and navigation data have been collected from sensors mounted on an autonomous offroad vehicle. Data include range images from scanning laser range imagers, position and orientation estimated from GPS and inertial devices, and color images registered with the laser range data. These data have been visualized as static models with interactive displays(More)
Lymphocyte products released during the human mixed reaction were studied for their ability to stimulate human monocytes to produce endogenous pyrogen and lymphocyte activating factor. These two biological activities are considered properties of the same molecule, called interleukin-1 (IL-1). In these experiments, physical characteristics such as molecular(More)
The Weather Research and Development division is aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of the weather service in meeting the requirements of our users. An important focus is on more precise severe weather forecasts and providing better severe weather warnings. To this end, KNMI weather research ranges from observations to meteorological processes to(More)
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