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INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to evaluate if ultrasound derived measures of diaphragm thickening, rather than diaphragm motion, can be used to predict extubation success or failure. METHODS Sixty-three mechanically ventilated patients were prospectively recruited. Diaphragm thickness (tdi) was measured in the zone of apposition of the(More)
Sepsis and severe sepsis in particular remain a major health problem worldwide. Their cost to society extends well beyond lives lost, as the impact of survivorship is increasingly felt. A review of the medical literature was completed in MEDLINE using the search phrases "severe sepsis" and "septic shock" and the MeSH terms "epidemiology", "statistics",(More)
OBJECTIVE The incorporation of airways conductance/resistance is a rare feature in clinical methacholine challenge test (MCT) protocols, and the majority of pulmonary laboratories rely solely on the spirometric parameters. The importance and interpretation of an MCT demonstrating a significant decline in specific airway conductance specific airway(More)
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