Ernest H H Chow

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Here, we highlight recent research involving atomic force microscopy investigations of molecular crystals, and focus particularly on the latest relevant advances in our knowledge of crystal-growth mechanisms and structure-property relationships in organic crystals. This brief survey features the importance of incorporating AFM into solid-state research as(More)
Liquid-assisted grinding allows the rapid, waste-free and one-pot synthesis of a variety of magnesium drug derivatives directly from the excipient MgO; such reactivity is relevant for the behaviour of ibuprofen formulations involving MgO and can be used for oxide-based mechanosynthesis of metal-organic salts, discrete complexes and carboxylate clusters(More)
AFM of cocrystals: Atomic force microscopy can be used to observe phase changes at crystal surfaces where the transformation is accompanied by a change in the spacing between layers of molecules. The conversion of a metastable polymorph of the caffeine-glutaric acid cocrystal into the thermodynamically stable form was analyzed continuously in situ using(More)
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