Ernest H. Friedman

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This study investigates the effectiveness of a linkworker intervention, giving encouragement and explanations about breast screening, on the subsequent attendance for screening by 'Asian' women. The control group received no visits. The study population comprised all women with Asian names, from a batch of general practices where high proportions of(More)
This study examines the relationship between childhood abuse and partner abuse among a sample of predominantly African-American and Hispanic women, who were patients in methadone clinics in Harlem and the South Bronx. A structured questionnaire addressing demographics, psychosocial and physical health characteristics, depression, childhood abuse, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether there is sufficient benefit to be gained by offering screening for breast cancer with mammography to women aged 65-79, who are not normally invited for screening. DESIGN Pilot study of women eligible for screening but not for personal invitation. The results of this study were compared with the results of routinely screened(More)