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Fault Tree Analysis has been used in reliability engineering for many decades and has seen various modifications to enable it to analyse fault trees with dynamic and temporal gates so it can incorporate sequential failure in its analysis. Pandora is a technique that analyses fault trees logically with three temporal gates (PAND, SAND, POR) in addition to(More)
Fault tree analysis (FTA) has been modified in different ways to make it capable of performing quantitative and qualitative safety analysis with temporal gates, thereby overcoming its limitation in capturing sequential failure behaviour. However, for many systems, it is often very difficult to have exact failure rates of components due to increased(More)
Background An increasing number of Clinical Trial Web Portals now include systems to manage endpoint adjudication. These cover the entire process from the initial identification of potential endpoints, the creation of electronic endpoint packages, and assignment of endpoints to members of the relevant Clinical Endpoint Committee (CEC) to the final(More)
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