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An increasingly popular theory holds that the mind should be viewed as a near-optimal or rational engine of probabilistic inference, in domains as diverse as word learning, pragmatics, naive physics, and predictions of the future. We argue that this view, often identified with Bayesian models of inference, is markedly less promising than widely believed,(More)
A natural approach to defining continuous change of shape is in terms of a metric that measures the difference between two regions. We consider four such metrics over regions: the Hausdorff distance, the dual-Hausdorff distance, the area of the symmetric difference, and the optimal-homeomorphism metric (a generalization of the Fréchet distance). Each of(More)
This study examined the beliefs of church leaders about health and associations between these beliefs and the church health promotion environment (CHPE). Perceptions of the CHPE by leaders and members of the same churches were also compared. Interviews were conducted with pastors (n = 40) and members (n = 96) of rural churches. They were Baptist (60%), and(More)