Ernest Chiarello

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-The stochastic pyramid is introduced in landscape ecology in order to propose a spatial organization model of ecological units in river floodplains. It consists in articulating this parallel generator of random patterns with ecological processes. The stochastic pyramid, based on a hierarchy of seed structures, is used to make regions grow in order to(More)
The spatial organization of ecological units that constitute river floodplains was modeled using a recent image synthesis method. The model combined a purely spatial process, the stochastic pyramid, with analytical descriptions of ecological successions observed on each landform of the fluvial landscape. Because the stochastic pyramid is a generator of(More)
A previous study proposed a new model for generating random spatial patterns for modelling the dispersion of different colors in an image (Chiarello et al., 1996). These simulations represented spatial structures in the sense of landscape ecology and they had to be compared to a real image. Thus, the aim of the present study was to measure the discrepancy(More)
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