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OBJECTIVE To assess the existence and extent of false-positive tuberculin skin test (TST) results in a regularly tested population subsequent to switching to a different skin testing product. METHOD Over 9300 state prison inmates were tuberculin skin tested as part of a routine annual testing program. A shortage of Tubersol caused the prison system to(More)
This thesis describes an attempt to predict the next value in a financial time series using various artificial techniques. The time series in question consists of daily values for commodities futures. First, an artificial neural network is used as a predictor. Then the neural network is augmented with a genetic algorithm. The genetic algorithm first is used(More)
Bile duct cancer, although not among the common tumors, still accounts for more than 4,000 deaths a year in the United States. Clinicians caring for these patients are faced with difficulties in diagnosis, even with the best of modern imaging techniques, and if the tumor is not resectable (as is true for about 75 percent of all patients), the mean survival(More)
BACKGROUND The Alternative Curriculum (AC), an elective program at the University of Virginia School of Medicine that enrolled a total of 48 students in 1973 and 1974, was one of many demonstration and pilot programs conducted during the 1970s. Its principal features were (1) a three-year time span; (2) early, prolonged, and intensive instruction in(More)
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