Ernest A. Edmonds

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Artists work with computers and visual interaction in order to create artworks in complex and varied ways. Collaboration between technologists and artists frequently creates new forms of interaction and visualization: it also promotes thinking about new ways of programming such systems. This paper discusses the role of interaction in art systems and some of(More)
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Collaborative projects in art and technology provide an opportunity to investigate how co-creativity takes place. This paper describes some of the characteristics of collaborative work that were identified from empirical evidence captured during the COSTART project [4]. We examine the way the information was analyzed and the results of that exercise. An(More)
Interactive art has become much more common as a result of the many ways in which the computer and the Internet have facilitated it. Issues relating to Human-Computer Interaction are as important to interactive art making as issues relating to the colours of paint are to painting. It is not that HCI and art necessarily share goals. It is just that much of(More)