Erne Suzila Kassim

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The information and communication technology has not only formed a pressure to business organizations to engage in online trading, but combined with social pressure, these forces have also influenced the public sector to automate their interactions with other government organizations and businesses; the process known as government-to-business (G2B). The(More)
Many research claim the adoption of green IT will significantly influence the environmental sustainability. However, the adoption rate is not as what has been expected. Thus, the slow acceptance of green IT practices motivate us to examine the role of top management in enforcing green IT for sustaining the environment. In addition, adopting the green IT(More)
Driven by lack of empirical research findings in evaluating the actual values of government-to-business (G2B) application, this research is undertaken to comprehensively investigate the system success measured as benefits and effective usage, and its determinants. A research framework is proposed to gauge the values at the strategic, tactical and(More)
Studies have consistently found information technology (IT) enhances the business operation and performance, but the adoption of IT among micro-enterprises for business growth is still considerably poor. The factors that influence the micro-enterprises to actively embrace IT that include social networking sites and whether the adoption has led to stronger(More)
Taxonomy is a method used to ease information retrieval for an effective knowledge management system. Studies have found information technology is vital for knowledge to be successfully managed and shared. We decided therefore to survey IT taxonomy studies using literature review and classification of articles from 1989 to 2008 in order to explore how(More)
In an attempt to deliver better service performance to businesses and improve the interactions, many public organizations have transformed their business activities by adopting information systems. The reformations of the government-to-business have led to the evaluation of the system service performance and investigation of the factors that shape the(More)
Currently, various technologies are available for supporting the teaching and learning practices in higher learning institutions, which constitute to the e-learning paradigm. The transformation of the teaching-learning practices to the e-learning environment has received significant interests for researchers to understand, examine and evaluate the role of(More)
Over the years, government-tobusiness (G2B) as an interorganizational system has emerged as an essential part of e-government systems. Its development and usage have not only been expected to contribute to efficient and effective operations, but G2B is also anticipated for better transparency, reduced costs and improved process. However, although a rich(More)
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