Ernane Antônio Alves Coelho

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Due to the considerable increase of electronic power processing devices in various segments of industry, the necessity to control and limit the harmonic content of current injected into the distribution systems through the development of pre-regulator converters, has become ever more apparent. Concomitantly, the development of new microprocessors has(More)
Temporary voltage sags are the main cause of untimely arrest in automated systems that use adjustable speed drives (ASDs). In this context, this paper presents an analysis of a new hybrid three-phase rectifier designed to correct the power factor and to promote voltage sag ride-through capability to ASDs. To prove the effectiveness of the proposed solution,(More)
In order to achieve power electronics converters with reduced weight and size the increase of the switching frequencies becomes mandatory. However, switching losses blocks practical implementation of power electronics converters switching at very high frequencies. Therefore, soft-switching techniques have been attracting great interest in the scientific(More)
This paper presents the design of a controller based on Internal Model Control (IMC) applied to a grid-connected single-phase PWM inverter. The mathematical modeling of the inverter and the LCL output filter, used to project the 1-DOF IMC controller, is presented and the decoupling of grid voltage by a Feedforward strategy is analyzed. A Proportional -(More)