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The search for agents with a nontraditional mode of action for the disinfection of environmental objects in parasitoses
: The ovicidal effects of 3 agents: hydrogen peroxide, pantocidum, and Bingsti derived from plant materials (Russia's patent No. 2062752 in 1996) were tested. The findings suggest that pantocidum andExpand
The use of pesticides in disinfecting soil from ascaris eggs
: Low-toxicity pesticides--polycarbazin and prometrin--are suggested for use in decontamination of helminths' invaded soils. Soils in the invasion foci and microfoci should be treated with pesticidesExpand
The conditions for the possible formation of foci of diphyllobothriasis on the lower Don
There are conditions for forming a diphyllobothriasis focus in the basin of the lower Don. In terms of the population affliction, low risk for its infection and the size of copepods, the focus isExpand
The potential for using an integrated method of soil disinfection in microfoci of geohelminthiases
Polycarbocin-lupine and polycarbocin-pea systems were found to exert a marked ovicidal effect providing decontamination of the top soil layer from ascarid eggs for 3 months. A combination of 4-5 mgExpand