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In this paper we revise the context of ldquovalue imprecisionrdquo, as part of an knowledge-based environment. We present our approach for including value imprecision as part of a non-rigid hierarchical structures of organization. This led us to introduce the concept of closure of an intuitionistic fuzzy set over a universe that has a hierarchical(More)
Query answering requirements for a knowledge based treatment of user requests led us to introduce the concept of closure of an Intuitionistic fuzzy set over a universe that has a hierarchical structure. We introduce the automatic analysis of queries according to concepts defined as part of a knowledge based hierarchy in order to guide the query answering as(More)
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In this paper we present our approach for extending the OLAP model to include treatment of value uncertainty as part of a multidimensional model inhabited by flexible data and non-rigid hierarchical structures of organisation. A new multidimensional-cubic model named as the IF-Cube is introduced which is able to operate over data with imprecision either in(More)
Obtaining of a therapeutic dose of platelets from donors, necessary to stop spontaneous hemorrhage and sufficient enough to correct hemostasis in surgical interventions in patients with amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia, therapeutic plasmapheresis with the removal of 1.5-2.01 of plasma, effective erythrocytapheresis can be done with the help of refrigerator(More)