Ermanno Vasca

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An investigation on the complex formation equilibria between divalent metal ions Me (with Me=Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Cd, and Pb) and phytic acid (H(12)L) is presented. Experiments were performed through a potentiometric methodology by measuring, at 25 degrees C, the proton and, in some cases (Cu(2+), Cd(2+), and Pb(2+)), also the metal ion activity at equilibrium(More)
The effect of complementary base pairing on the oxidation potential of a guanosine derivative has been determined by cyclic and differential pulse voltammetry in CHCl3. The formation of the Watson-Crick H-bonded complex lowers the oxidation potential of the free molecule by 0.34 V, which compares well with the value obtained by DFT/B3LYP/6-311++g**(More)
The complex formation between the dioxouranium (VI) and the oxalate ions has been investigated by measuring the potential of a glass electrode, at 25.00 degrees C, in 1 and 3 M NaClO4, at lower acidities than 10(-4.5) M, in order to favour the formation of (mixed) ternary species. The upper limits of concentration of all the analytical parameters have been(More)
A straightforward method for both the quantitative and the equilibrium analysis of humic acids in solution, based on the combination of potentiometry with coulometry, is presented. The method is based on potentiometric titrations of alkaline solutions containing, besides the humic acid sample, also NaClO(4) 1M; by means of constant current coulometry the(More)
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