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Worker Motivations, Job Satisfaction, and Loyalty in Public and Nonprofit Social Services
Exploiting a unique data set created in 1999 on a sample of 228 public, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations operating in the social service sector, and on 2,066 workers, the article tests whetherExpand
Worker well-being and perceived fairness: Survey-based findings from Italy
Based on a survey of 1958 employees in 228 Italian social service organizations under public and private ownership, this paper shows that worker well-being is crucially influenced by fairnessExpand
Worker involvement in entrepreneurial nonprofit organizations. Toward a new assessment of workers' perceived satisfaction and fairness
Exploiting a unique data set created in 1998 on a sample of 228 public, nonprofit and for-profit organizations working in the social service sector, and on 2066 workers, the paper seeks toExpand
Satisfaction with Creativity: A Study of Organizational Characteristics and Individual Motivation
In answering the question of what influences satisfaction with creativity in the workplace, this work takes into account the extent to which the organization supports human aspiration to actExpand
Productivity, wages and intrinsic motivations
There is a long-standing debate in labour economics on the impact of workers’ intrinsic motivations on equilibrium wages. One direction in economic theory suggests that intrinsically motivatedExpand
Organizational innovations, human resources and firm performance: The Emilia-Romagna food sector
Abstract This paper studies the relationship between organizational innovation, industrial relations and economic performance at the firm level. It adopts an applied perspective by means of aExpand
The Role of Cooperative and Social Enterprises: A Multifaceted Approach for an Economic Pluralism
he role of cooperative and social enterprises in contemporary market economies has been downplayed and marginalised to date by the dominant economic approaches. This insufficient attention (Kalmi,Expand
Perceived Fairness and Worker Well-Being in Public, For-Profit and NonProfit Firms: Evidence from the Italian Social Service Sector
This essay analyses the links between workers’ fairness concerns and job satisfaction in different ownership and organizational forms of the Italian social service sector. Social cooperatives emergeExpand
Social Economy Organisations in the Theory of the Firm
Social economy organisations are growing in number and relevance in advanced, developing and transition economies. Whilst their relevance for balanced social and economic development is now widelyExpand