Erman Coskun

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The importance of the user interface increases particularly in safety-critical or mission-critical systems where the user has time limitations within which to make correct, accurate, and timely decisions. User interfaces for these type of systems should be well-designed, easy to understand and easy to use in order to be accepted by expert users and to(More)
Applications of intelligent software systems are proliferating. As these systems proliferate, understanding and measuring their complexity becomes vital, especially in safety-critical environments. This paper proposes a model assessing the impacts of complexity for a particular type of intelligent software system, embedded intelligent real-time systems(More)
Intelligent systems and their applications are proliferating. Embedded Intelligent Real-Time Systems (EIRTS) are one type of intelligent system. Defining and measuring the complexity of this kind of system may help with better design, development, maintenance, and performance of EIRTS. In this paper, we propose a set of evaluation criteria to measure the(More)
Today emergencies seem more complex than ever. Process of managing these emergencies also becomes more complex because of increasing number of involved parties, increasing number of people affected, and increasing amount of resources. This complexity, inherent in emergency management, brings lots of challenges to decision makers and emergency responders.(More)