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Spanning connectivity of graphs has been intensively investigated in the study of interconnection networks (Hsu and Lin, Graph Theory and Interconnection Networks, 2009). For a graph G and an integer s > 0 and for u, v ∈ V (G) with u = v, an (s; u, v)-path-system of G is a subgraph H consisting of s internally disjoint (u, v)-paths. A graph G is spanning(More)
Segmentation of pulmonary nodules in chest radiographs is a difficult task due to heavy noise and superposition of ribs, vessels, and other anatomical structures in lung field. In this paper, a polynomial fitting based ray-casting algorithm is proposed for pulmonary nodule segmentation in chest radiographs. Instead of directly detecting nodule edge points,(More)
LetH be a simple graph. A graph G is called anH-saturated graph ifH is not a subgraph of G, but adding any missing edge to Gwill produce a copy of H . Denote by SAT (n,H) the set of all H-saturated graphs G with order n. Then the saturation number sat(n,H) is defined as minG∈SAT (n,H) |E(G)|, and the extremal number ex(n,H) is defined as maxG∈SAT (n,H)(More)
Let G be a 2-edge-connected undirected graph, A be an (additive) abelian group and A * = A−{0}. A graph G is A-connected if G has an orientation D(G) such that for every function b : V (G) → A satisfying ∑ v∈V (G) b(v) = 0, there is a function f : E(G) → A * such that for each vertex v ∈ V (G), the total amount of f values on the edges directed out from v(More)
Let G be a matching-covered graph, i.e., every edge is contained in a perfect matching. An edge subset X of G is feasible if there exists two perfect matchings M1 and M2 such that |M1∩X| ≡ |M2∩X| (mod 2). Lukot'ka and Rollová proved that an edge subset X of a regular bipartite graph is not feasible if and only if X is switching-equivalent to ∅, and they(More)
We propose a local descriptor referred to as triangle chain code as well as a matching algorithm for point set matching and image registration. First, feature points are detected using Harris corner detector. Second, triangle chain code is constructed for every point, which carries the discriminative information regarding its k nearest neighbors (KNN).(More)