Erling Wei

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Spanning connectivity of graphs has been intensively investigated in the study of interconnection networks (Hsu and Lin, Graph Theory and Interconnection Networks, 2009). For a graph G and an integer s > 0 and for u, v ∈ V (G) with u = v, an (s; u, v)-path-system of G is a subgraph H consisting of s internally disjoint (u, v)-paths. A graph G is spanning(More)
Segmentation of pulmonary nodules in chest radiographs is a difficult task due to heavy noise and superposition of ribs, vessels, and other anatomical structures in lung field. In this paper, a polynomial fitting based ray-casting algorithm is proposed for pulmonary nodule segmentation in chest radiographs. Instead of directly detecting nodule edge points,(More)
Let G be a 2-edge-connected undirected graph, A be an (additive) abelian group and A * = A−{0}. A graph G is A-connected if G has an orientation D(G) such that for every function b : V (G) → A satisfying ∑ v∈V (G) b(v) = 0, there is a function f : E(G) → A * such that for each vertex v ∈ V (G), the total amount of f values on the edges directed out from v(More)
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