Erlene Berg

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The objective of this paper is to review the scientific literature to identify on-farm factors that contribute to market weight pig transportation losses. Transportation of market weight pigs is an essential element to the multisite pork production model used in the United States. In 2011 alone, approximately 111 million market weight pigs were transported(More)
Cardiopulmonary bypass depends on our ability to control the coagulation system. Heparin and protamine have been used for this purpose since the introduction of cardiopulmonary bypass. Although heparin has been used as an anticoagulant since 1935 there are still some unsolved questions as regarding its structure and metabolism. 1•2 Many principles have been(More)
Does fiscal decentralization in a politically decentralized less developed country help strengthen democratic institutions at the grass root level? And is the impact of such decentralization on local politics important in determining local development? Our study on Indonesia suggests that fiscal decentralization enhanced free and fair local elections,(More)
Healthcare chief executives' base salaries overtook those of their industrial counterparts, but they still lagged when comparing total pay, according to this year's Hay/Modern Healthcare Compensation Survey. Even in total compensation, however, healthcare execs were narrowing the gap. The survey also found disparities in pay levels reflected regional(More)
Hospitals are beginning to improve the focus of their marketing efforts by using information they already have--from billing records, physician referrals and patient visits to urgent-care centers. Such data bases help spot potential repeat customers. Tactical marketing has been practiced in other industries for years, but it's relatively new to healthcare.
Modern Healthcare's 1991 Up and Comers, the fifth annual group, are scattered all over the map, from Boston to the Bay Area, from Flint, Mich., to El Paso, Texas. They work in managed care, associations and specialty hospitals; one even administers the office that cares for members of Congress. At least two are "healthcare brats" whose fathers managed(More)