Erkut Yusuf Özbay

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I study games with uncertainty where players have different awareness regarding a chance player's moves (contingencies). An announcer, who is fully aware of the contingencies, can announce some of them to an unaware decision maker (DM) before the DM takes an action. I introduce an equilibrium concept and a refinement to study the way the DM generates her(More)
Nash equilibrium can be interpreted as a steady state where players hold correct beliefs about the other players' behavior and act rationally. We experimentally examine the process that leads to this steady state. Our results indicate that some players emerge as " teachers " — those subjects who, by their actions, try to influence the beliefs of their(More)
Binary relations representable by utility functions with multiplicative error are considered. It is proved that if the error is a power of utility then the underlying binary relation is either an interval order, or a semiorder. Moreover, semiorders can be characterized among interval orders by the magnitude of the power of utility that is used in the form(More)
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